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Czerny Op 740 #3, Single Version

Updated: Mar 3

I like the “hunting” motif in the LH and arranged a “one-pager” of #3 that tries to highlight its lightness and charm. But it is, necessarily, a finger exercise for the RH moving in rapid scales and arpeggios over four octaves, and even at my greatly reduced speed (the quarter @130) it’s a workout.

Op 740 #3, Single Version, brisk march, 16 sets of 8

Op 740 #3, Single Version Audio

This is my performance of my shortcut arrangement (a “one pager”) of #3. I use only the A section of Czerny’s ternary piece (mm 1-23). I supply a score to show my strategy for squaring off the material into regular sets of 8 and for ending in the home key.

Op 740 #3, Single Version Score