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Czerny Op 335 #21, Single Version

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

By all means, learn both hands of this short rollicking unison study, but I think that a shortcut arrangement will actually work better in class.

Op 335 #21, Single Version: light quick march, 16 sets of 8-count phrases

Op 335 #21 Single Version Audio

This is my performance of my shortcut arrangement, for which I supply a score. The RH plays Czerny’s notes (transposed up a couple octaves in the B section) and the LH plays a light operetta-style accompaniment. I prefer a ternary structure to Czerny’s usual binary structure, so I’ve replaced his final 4 bars with a repeat of his opening bars. For convenience I’ve notated my version in 4/4, with Czerny’s 32nd’s as 16th’s.

Op 335 #21 Single Version Score